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Popular Science on Types of Lighter Flames: Ignite Your Fire of Knowledge

Popular Science on Types of Lighter Flames: Ignite Your Fire of Knowledge

May 10,2024
Lighters are common gadgets in our daily lives, whether it's lighting cigarettes, campfires, or outdoor adventures, welding operations, lighters can come in handy. However, do you know? Lighters have a variety of flame types, and different types of flames are suitable for different application scenarios. Let's take a look at the types of lighter flames and their characteristics!

1. Ordinary flame
Characteristics: bright yellow or orange flame, moderate temperature
Principle: Using butane or LPG as fuel, producing a warm yellow flame when burned.
Uses: daily ignition, such as lighting cigarettes, candles, stoves, etc.

Ordinary flame lighters are the most common type of lighters, easy to operate and suitable for daily use.

2. Windproof flame
Characteristics: Stable blue flame, not easy to be blown out by the wind.
Principle: through the special design of the nozzle and combustion chamber, so that the flame is still stable in the wind
Usage: Outdoor ignition, such as camping, hiking, hunting, etc.
Common products:Wind-proof Lighter , Outdoor series

Windproof lighters use a unique design and combustion mechanism to keep the flame stable in harsh outdoor environments.

3. Torch Flame
Characteristics: High-temperature, high-pressure blue flame, flame shape is conical
Principle: Combustion chamber and nozzle combined to produce a powerful blue flame
Uses: welding, outdoor adventure, high-temperature cooking, etc.
Common Products: Cigar Torch Lighters , Gas Torches

Torch flame lighters are capable of producing extremely high temperature flames for work and adventure scenarios that require a precise flame.

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