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Customized Lighter Services Provided by MK Lighter

Continuous improvement and innovation are conducive to meeting the ever-changing needs of the market


We have strict quality control and sufficient product production lines to provide high-quality production and fast delivery cycle


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Lighter Customized Solution Cooperation Process

Continuous improvement and innovation are conducive to meeting the ever-changing needs of the market

Demand analysis

We will conduct a detailed requirements analysis with you, including understanding your application scenarios, specific requirements and technical certification requirements. Ensure that we fully understand your expectations and objectives through effective communication.

Solution design

Depending on your needs, our R&D team will tailor the surface design of your lighter or customize your design solution. We will further determine the product design, material selection, technical specifications and special features.

Quotation and contract

According to the scheme design, we will provide a detailed quotation, including product price, delivery time, after-sales support and other terms. After the agreement is reached, the two parties will sign a contract to formally confirm the intention to cooperate.

Custom production

Once the contract is signed, we will start to produce customized lighter products. Strict raw material procurement, production and assembly, quality control and testing to ensure product reliability and performance.

Testing and verification

Once production is complete, we will thoroughly test and verify the customized lighters to ensure that they meet the design specifications and your needs.

Delivery and shipping

Once the product has been tested, we will arrange shipping and shipping. Our team will book the shipping route of the destination port you need to ship, and ensure that the product can be smoothly cleared and transported to the port.

After-sales support

We provide a full range of after-sales follow-up, including the implementation of replacement in case of quality problems within a year, and can assist you to complete the shooting and production of social media materials to ensure your satisfaction. We are willing to establish long-term cooperative relations with your company.

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Customize Lighters Surface Effect You Need

Continuous improvement and innovation are conducive to meeting the ever-changing needs of the market

Transparent color

Our production line has been deeply optimized to reduce collisions and ensure the surface finish of the product when producing transparent cases.

Screen Printing

Most of the screen printing is completed by machinery, which can quickly follow up the production of orders and the effect of screen printing.

Solid colour

This is the solution that most customers like. We can restore the color to the production of the product according to the color number you require, so as to ensure the color uniformity and no impurities.


If you need to customize a more complex pattern, and need to reduce the cost of the most effective surface treatment scheme. We will design the corresponding effect drawing according to the materials you provide, and then make the sample. As long as you confirm OK, we can quickly produce and deliver the goods to you.

Rubber finish

Rubber finish surface treatment is a relatively new surface treatment process, and its most prominent feature is that it feels soft, which can improve the user's experience and make the product more attractive to consumers in the same type of display.

3D printing

This is a new type of printing technology, so that the pattern and logo, have a more prominent three-dimensional feel, while suggesting the gloss of the pattern.

Why MK Lighter

Continuous improvement and innovation are conducive to meeting the ever-changing needs of the market

Quality Assurance

It is crucial that the manufacturer prioritizes high-quality materials and manufacturing processes. This ensures that the lighters are durable, reliable, and safe to use.

Customization Options

Manufacturers should offer a wide range of customization options, such as different colors, designs, and finishes. This allows me to cater to the diverse preferences of my customers.

Timely Delivery

Meeting deadlines is essential for maintaining a smooth supply chain. I value manufacturers who prioritize timely delivery, ensuring that the customized lighters reach me within the agreed-upon timeframe.

Competitive Pricing

While quality is important, cost-effectiveness is also a priority. I appreciate manufacturers who offer competitive pricing for their customized lighters, allowing me to maximize profit margins while staying affordable for my customers.

Responsive Customer Service

Strong communication and responsiveness are vital for a successful partnership. I highly value manufacturers who provide excellent customer service, promptly addressing any concerns or queries that may arise during the customization process.

Case Studies of Custom Lighters

Continuous improvement and innovation are conducive to meeting the ever-changing needs of the market

Canadian Customer Cases

As Canada's leading outdoor products supermarket chain, we chose MK Lighter for their high-quality lighters after thorough market research. The professionalism and efficiency of the MK team brought us a unique partnership experience...


Australia Customer Case

As Australia's leading lifestyle wholesaler, we keep an eye on market trends and look for innovative products that meet the needs of retailers and consumers. During a market research exercise, we came across the MK Lighter team and their range of multi-functional lighters and became very interested ......


New Zealand Customer Cases

We were looking for high quality and innovative lighter products until we met the MK Lighter team. We were impressed by their multi-functional lighters and eco-friendly butane gas refill bottles and quickly started working together. There is a unique story behind this ......

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