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  • How I can ship it to my port ?
    Lighter contains gas inside, the Dangerous class is 2.1. This product is hard to ship by air. We ship it by sea in full container. Therefore, we hope that you can order more quantity so as to save the ocean freight. 
    Sep 1,2023
  • what is the defective rate ? if there is any quality problem , what you will do ?
    We have strict quality control and all the lighters are inspected before shipment. if there is any quality problem, we will discuss it with our buyer and find a solution for it. we will take the quality responsibility. 
    Sep 1,2023
  • Can I buy small quantity to test market?
    Yes, we encourage and support our customers to try the market, so for the first order, we will agree to make a small quantity. 
    Very important, Lighter is dangerous goods, the shipment is by sea on the basis of a full container, so when you place your order, please consider the shipping cost also. 
    We suggest you mix different items into a one-time shipment. 
    Sep 1,2023
  • what is your factory advantages comparing others competitor ?
    We have different production lines from normal class to high class lighter for a rich range of items. and we can provide over 100 items from lighter to gas, like packing lighters, gas torches, utility lighters universal gas, lighter fluid, etc. 
    When you choose us, you can enlarge your production line and mix different items together. 
    Sep 1,2023
  • What certificate do you have?
    Our factory has ISO9001 and ISO 14001 management Systems, BSCI, SCS, RS, and FCCA certificates; 
    and for products, we have ISO9994 International, CPSC for the USA, EN13869, etc. all over the world.
    Sep 1,2023
  • Do you have your own brand?
    Yes, we have our own Zhuoye, MK and Neon brand. And our MK brand is hot selling in USA and European market. Welcome to contact us for MK agent, we will give you special discount and all the sales support. 
    Sep 1,2023
  • How many days do you have for production?
    Normally is 30 days, but it still depends on order quantity and items.
    Give us your order quantity and items, we will check the accurate delivery date for you 
    Sep 1,2023
  • How many days do you have for production?
    Normally is 30 days, but it still depends on order quantity and items .
    Give us your order quantity and items, we will check the accurate delivery date for you 
    Sep 1,2023
  • What payment term can you accept?
    30% deposit before production, balance by copy of B/L. 
    LC at sight acceptable 
    Sep 1,2023
  • How many kinds of lighters do you have?
    We have electronic lighter, flint lighter, BBQ lighter, Wind proof lighter, Gas Torch and Butane Gas.Totally over 100 items . 
    Sep 1,2023
  • How many lighters does your company produce each year?

    Our company boasts an impressive annual production capacity of approximately 980 million lighters. This figure underscores our extensive capabilities and our dedication to fulfilling diverse consumer needs on a global scale.

    Our product lineup includes three main types of lighters: pocket lighters, torch lighters, and BBQ lighters. Each category is designed with specific uses and consumer preferences in mind. Our pocket lighters are prized for their convenience and portability, making them ideal for everyday use by consumers needing a reliable flame source. They are designed to be compact and user-friendly, perfectly suited for an array of daily activities, from lighting candles to starting a campfire.

    Torch lighters, meanwhile, are tailored for more demanding tasks. Known for their robustness and wind-resistant flames, they are essential tools in both culinary and industrial settings. Culinary professionals use them for precise applications like caramelizing sugar or searing meat, while industrial workers rely on them for tasks that require a steady and durable flame, such as soldering or heat shrinking.

    Our BBQ lighters are specifically designed for outdoor cooking, featuring an extended reach to safely light grills and fires. This design enhances safety by keeping the flame at a distance, making them essential for both amateur grillers and professional chefs.

    In addition to our wide range of products, we are committed to sustainability and innovation. We constantly strive to improve the efficiency and environmental impact of our production processes. This commitment is driven by our dedication to reducing waste and enhancing the overall sustainability of our products, which is increasingly important to today's eco-conscious consumers.

    We also place a high premium on quality and safety. Each lighter we produce is subjected to rigorous testing to ensure it meets international safety standards. This meticulous attention to detail is part of our commitment to providing reliable, safe, and high-quality products that consumers can trust.

    As we look to the future, our company is focused on expanding our reach and continuing to innovate. By staying at the forefront of technology and consumer trends, we aim to maintain our position as a leader in the global lighter market, offering products that not only meet but exceed the expectations of our customers worldwide. This approach ensures we remain responsive to the changing needs of the market while promoting a safer, more sustainable future.

    Apr 26,2024
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